Cluster API v1alpha4 compared to v1beta1

Minimum Go version

  • The Go version used by Cluster API is still Go 1.16+

Controller Runtime version

  • The Controller Runtime version is now v0.10.+

Controller Tools version (if used)

  • The Controller Tools version is now v0.7.+

Kind version

  • The KIND version used for this release is still v0.11.x

Conversion from v1alpha3 and v1alpha4 to v1beta1 types

The core ClusterAPI providers will support upgrade from v1alpha3 and v1alpha4 to v1beta1. Thus, conversions of API types from v1alpha3 and v1alpha4 to v1beta1 have been implemented. If other providers also want to support the upgrade from v1alpha3 and v1alpha4, the same conversions have to be implemented.


The serving-cert certificates now have organization set to k8s-sig-cluster-lifecycle.

Removed items

API Fields

  • ClusterTopologyLabelName, a ClusterClass related constant has been deprecated and removed. This label has been replaced by ClusterTopologyOwnedLabel.

  • MachineNodeNameIndex has been removed from the common types in favor of api/v1beta1/index.MachineNodeNameField.

  • MachineProviderNameIndex has been removed from common types in favor of api/v1beta1/index.MachineProviderIDField.


  • clusterctl config provider has been removed in favor of clusterctl generate provider.

  • clusterctl config cluster has been removed in favor of clusterctl generate cluster.

Utils and other

  • TemplateSuffix has been removed in favor of api/v1alpha4.TemplatePrefix.
  • AddMachineNodeIndex has been removed in favor of api/v1alpha4/index.ByMachineNode
  • GetMachineFromNode has been removed. This functionality is now private in the controllers package.
  • ConverReferenceAPIContract has been removed in favor of UpdateReferenceAPIContract in the util/conversion package.
  • ParseMajorMinorPatch has been removed in favor of ParseMajorMinorPatch in the util/version package.
  • GetMachinesForCluster has been removed in favor of GetFilteredMachinesForCluster in the util/collection package.
  • GetControlPlaneMachines has been removed in favor of FromMachines(machine).Filter(collections.ControlPlaneMachines(cluster.Name)) in the util/collection package.
  • GetControlPlaneMachinesFromList has been removed in favor of FromMachineList(machines).Filter(collections.ControlPlaneMachines(cluster.Name)) in the util/collection package.
  • GetCRDMetadataFromGVK has been removed in favor of GetGVKMetadata.

:warning: LeaderElectionResourceLock change :warning:

The v1beta1 release uses “leases” instead of “configmapsleases” as the LeaderElectionResourceLock for all managers leader election including the core controllers, bootstrap and control plane kubeadm and the Docker provider. This has no user facing impact on brand-new clusters created as v1beta1. For Cluster API running clusters upgraded through clusterctl this should be ok given that we stop the old controllers. Users relying on custom upgrades procedures should ensure a migration to v1alpha4 (multilock “configmapsleases”) first, which will acquire a leader lock on both resources. After that, they can proceed migrating to v1beta1 (”leases”). As an additional safety step, these users should ensure the old controllers are stopped before running the new ones with the new lock mechanism. Otherwise, your controller might end up with multiple running instances that each acquired leadership through different resource locks during upgrades and thus act on the same resources concurrently.