Upgrading Cluster API components

When to upgrade

In general, it’s recommended to upgrade to the latest version of Cluster API to take advantage of bug fixes, new features and improvements.


If moving between different API versions, there may be additional tasks that you need to complete. See below for instructions moving between v1alpha3 and v1alpha4.

Ensure that the version of Cluster API is compatible with the Kubernetes version of the management cluster.

Upgrading to newer versions of 0.4.x

Use clusterctl to upgrade between versions of Cluster API 0.4.x.

Upgrading from Cluster API v1alpha3 (0.3.x) to Cluster API v1alpha4 (0.4.x)

For detailed information about the changes from v1alpha3 to v1alpha4, please refer to the Cluster API v1alpha3 compared to v1alpha4 section.

Use clusterctl to upgrade from Cluster API v0.3.x to Cluster API 0.4.x.

You should now be able to manage your resources using the v1alpha4 version of the Cluster API components.