This document intents to provide an overview over our jobs running via Prow, GitHub actions and Google Cloud Build.

Builds and Tests running on the default branch (currently v1alpha4)

NOTE: To see which test jobs execute which tests or e2e tests, you can click on the links which lead to the respective test overviews in testgrid.



  • ✳️️ jobs that don’t have to be run successfully for merge
  • ✴️ jobs that are not triggered automatically for every commit

Prow Presubmits:

GitHub Presubmit Workflows:

  • golangci-lint: golangci/golangci-lint-action@v2 (locally via make lint)
  • verify: kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-release-tools@v0.1 verifier


Prow Postsubmits:


Prow Periodics:

Builds and Tests running on releases

GitHub (On Release) Workflows:

  • Update Homebrew Formula On Release: dawidd6/action-homebrew-bump-formula@v3 clusterctl